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Questions tagged [scattering]

Questions related to scattering phenomena in materials.

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Regarding scattering region calculation [closed]

I am doing scattering region calculation when I checked the output file of scattering region calculation i got warning like this Begin: TS Checks and Warnings Electrode Left will not update cross-...
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Binary Encounter Bethe model: Why does it overestimate ionisation cross-sections SF6, even though generally it underestimates them for other species [closed]

I was reading a paper online that can be found here. In the paper they claim that BEB (binary encounter bethe) AE and ECP (all-electrons and effective core potential) will typically underestimate the ...
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How to simulate atomic scattering from solid walls at finite temperature for a particles in a box simulation?

I'm not sure if this will be considered on-topic, let's see what happens. I've asked this previously in Physics SE and it was closed as needing focus. It is now past 30 days and too late to consider ...
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