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For questions about using the SIESTA (Spanish Initiative for Electronic Simulations with Thousands of Atoms) electronic structure program.

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Energy cut-off test meaning in atomic-like basis functions' DFT

I have been using SIESTA code to perform some practicals in my college and I have run energy cut-off tests before calculating properties of semi-conductors or insulator. As far as I am concerned, ...
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How is SIESTA and TranSIESTA different from plane wave DFT codes?

This question is complementary to a previous question. I have experience with the plane-wave DFT codes VASP and Quantum ESPRESSO. I would like to try SIESTA for the main purpose of using TranSIESTA ...
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Tool to saturate the dangling bonds at the surface of nanostructures

When it comes to studying 2D, 1D or 0D nanomaterials, saturating the dangling bonds in the surface helps remove unwanted localized surface states from the band structure 1. However, so far I have not ...
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Conductivity Computations of Molecular Wires [closed]

I am interested to compute the conductivity properties of some molecular organic wires in SIESTA. Since I am new in SIESTA, I would appreciate a guide for beginners to this field.