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How do I simulate the interaction between two atoms?

I want to build a rough atom interaction simulator, where pushes two (or more) atoms toward each other and they should behave physically correctly: attract, bond or repel with some force. So that is ...
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Is ARM64 the next big thing?

Considering how GPUs in matter modeling was first recognized in gaming devices like PlayStation, it is also interesting to consider whether ARM64 chips, which are the type of chips in modern smart ...
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How may I calculate the bond length between two atoms?

I have been looking into Lennard-Jones Potential and Morse potential. And what the formulas do is to calculate a potential and the 'well depth' and 'distance at which the intermolecular potential ...
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How are continued fractions related to quantum materials?

In my spare time, I have been studying and analysing continued fractions. I was having a conversation with someone on Discord in a Mathematics server and he was telling me that continued fractions ...
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"Quantum protectorates" and the limits of grand unified theories

I've recently made myself more familiar with Laughlin and Pines' "quantum protectorate" arguments (1, 2), which seems built on Anderson's famous More is Different article (3). This does seem ...
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