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Questions requesting for an input file or part of an input file in order to do a certain thing in a specific software.

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What is the best cell shape to calculate the energy of a free atom with a periodic DFT code (VASP)?

I want to study the adsorption energies of many different atoms to some surfaces. For that, I need to calculate the energies of free atoms (adsorbates) in a vacuum. I understand that I am supposed to ...
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How to select the projections and inner/outer window for Wannier90 calculations?

I am new to Wannier90 calculations. I am trying to obtain the Wannier functions and Wannier interpolated band structure. But I am having a problem in setting the parameters like ...
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I have to calculate the S1 - T1 energy gap using coupled cluster (STEOM-DLPNO-CCSD) in ORCA. The output file contains only singlet energies. IROOT=... (no notation singlet or triplet). I tried adding &...