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How to do parity analysis of band extrema?

To check whether electronic transitions are allowed between valence band maximum (VBM) and conduction band minimum (CBM) as per Laporte's rule, the parity of VBM/CBM is needed to be known. This paper ...
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Can the electron charge density of two material systems be similar?

Broadly given two electron charge density (ECD) fields, is it possible to distinguish between the elements present in both the systems? Since the ECD does not explicitly present any information on the ...
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Hilbert transform on the Bethe Lattice

In order to compute the local Green's function on the Bethe lattice, it is necessary to perform a Hilbert transform $$G_{loc}(\omega) = \int \frac{DOS(\varepsilon)}{\omega-\varepsilon} \text{d}\...
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Excited state frequency for periodic systems

Is there any way to calculate the excited state frequencies of a period system using DFT?
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