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For questions about group theory and applications of symmetry groups of a configuration space.

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How can I create a .CIF file from x-ray diffraction data in a paper, for compound not found in crystallographic database

I tried to recover a .CIF file (Crystallographic Information File) with the crystal structure for the compound discussed in a paper by Reuter et. al.[1], strontium hydroxide octahydrate - $\ce{Sr(OH)2·...
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How to do periodic DFT calculations using Quantum ESPRESSO?

I have only done quantum mechanical computations using non-periodic wavefunctions. I'd like to try to periodic-wavefunction density functional theory. Quantum ESPRESSO seems like a good package ...
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How is group theory used to deduce which of these integrals are equal to 0?

The number of all two-electron integrals: $$ \tag{1} \langle \phi_1 \phi_2|\phi_3\phi_4 \rangle = \int d^3\mathbf r' \int d^3\mathbf r'' \, \phi_1(\mathbf r'') \, \phi_2(\mathbf r') \frac{1}{|\mathbf ...
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Is the original structure invalid if it's found later that the material crystallises with a slightly different space group symmetry?

I am studying a material which was first discovered in the early 1960s. It was reported then that it crystallized in the hexagonal $P6_3/mmc$ space group. Recently the material was synthesized again ...
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Why does mcsqs change the space group of generated SQS?

I made a binary special quasi-random structure (SQS) using mcsqs (distributed as part of the ...
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Are there computational methods for the determination of the point group symmetry of a molecule of a given geometry?

I am aware that there exists a flowchart about how to determine the point group of a molecule with a given geometry, such as given in the diagram available in ChemLibre Texts. If we just look at the ...
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