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Is it right to neglect very small imaginary frequencies?

I'm running a DFT optimization (B3LYP/def2-TZVP) and frequencies in ORCA for a molecule. And I get one or two very small (1-6 cm^-1) imaginary frequencies which corresponds to a slight bend of the ...
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GUI for DFT calculations

I am a beginner in DFT. Can someone suggest a good DFT software with a GUI for simulating dipole moments and optical absorption spectra in an organic crystal? I have tried the Burai GUI of Quantum ...
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17 votes
5 answers

Bond length from infrared spectra?

It's been taught by my lecturer that infrared (IR) spectra are widely used for chemical bonding determination. My question is: is it possible to calculate bond lengths according to the IR spectra? If ...
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How exactly does one compute the vibrational density of states from the output of a molecular dynamics simulation?

There are many things that can be done with the output of a molecular dynamics simulation, but one of the more powerful things is the ability to compute the vibrational density of states (or the ...
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What's the point of doing high accuracy spectroscopy calculations?

I am currently reading Dickenson et al. (2013) The Fundamental Vibration of Molecular Hydrogen. I am trying to understand why this calculation is important for the field beyond basic scientific ...
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How to export a calculated Raman spectrum in Q-Chem, as a Gaussian profile?

Does anyone know how to export a calculated Raman spectrum (my calculation was performed in Q-Chem) as a data-file, which can be used to plot the profile of a Gaussian-shape spectrum (in origin, excel,...
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Recommended code to do XAS/XES/RIXS calculations with?

I am a grad student looking to simulate several XAS/XES and potentially RIXS spectra for some strongly correlated metal-oxides. The materials in question will likely require solving the Bethe-Salpeter ...
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Phonon Calculations and Vibrational Modes

The Raman spectrum of a material shows certain 'active' modes for which we get experimental signatures. Phonon calculations are mostly used to calculate vibrational modes. How can we determine the ...
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Package for computing properties of excited vibrational states

We're starting to develop some calculations of the hyperfine parameters (electric field gradient, spin-rotation coupling, spin-spin coupling) with CFOUR, and we reached a limitation of the public ...
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How are nematic phases modelled? [closed]

Nematic phases in superconducting materials are studied in both angular-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy (ARPES) and second harmonic generation (SHG) experiments. What techniques, if any, are used ...
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Algorithm for finding the v=1 state of an H2O molecule

In the context of simulating the dissociation dynamics of an H₂O molecule on a metal surface, what algorithm is employed for generating the initial state of a tri-atomic non-linear molecule, such as H₂...
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