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For questions about modeling spintronic (spin+electronic) properties of devices

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Can these Band-gap specifications be attributed to a Half-Semiconductor material?

A Half-Semiconductor is a material with a narrow band-gap for one spin channel and a wide band-gap for the other channel. ...
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What is the difference between a half metal (HM) and a spin gapless semiconductor (SGS)?

I would like to know what is the difference between a Half metal (HM) and a Spin Gapless Semiconductor (SGS) in terms of definition and DOS/Bandstructure appearance.
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10 votes
2 answers

Spin considerations for the bandgap and optical excitations

What are the consequences for the bandgap if the conduction band edge and valence band edge are contributed by different spins? Are there any driving forces that prevent an excitation from spin up to ...
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Tools for Valleytronic Research

Similar to spintronics, which attempts to use electron spin polarization as the bits (or possibly qubits) in a logic device, valleytronics attempts to use a combination of the spin and "valleys&...
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