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Questions related to the physical quantities of stress and strain in materials systems.

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How to bond two laminates (same material) separated by distance using compressive pressure in LAMMPS?

I would like to simulate the bonding process using compressive pressure for two layers of the same material. Applying a uniaxial strain and using the deform tag in LAMMPS requires PBC in all ...
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Calculating strain field. Need idea on how to do that

Recently I am learning VASP. I am trying to see different properties of two-level system (TLS). For example, checking amorphous silicon as a test case (along with it's vacancy structures as well). ...
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Is it possible to define a property like strain to characterize the structural change?

Lets suppose that I have an atom chain like system 1 below. Now, some interaction made one atom to move out of the chain, like shown in system 2 (the moved atom remains bounded but in another position)...
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How to perform Strain induced properties in Quantum ESPRESSO?

I have to perform strain engineering in a material. The strain would be expansive strain and compressive strain. How do I perform those both? I am currently using the ...
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How to distinguish between deformation mechanisms in creep experiment? [closed]

As I'm learning more about viscoelasticity and creep experiments, I'm trying to understand how to distinguish between the different deformation mechanisms. In general, when a sample of viscoelastic ...
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Define stress-strain for a multi-wall carbon nanotubes bundle

I want to simulate a MWCNT bundle in which the central MWCNT is pulled out of the bundle. How to define the stress/strain curve of such system? I am building my system with scikit-nano and using ...
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How to find the Cauchy stress tensor in solids using ab-initio methods?

I want to find the Cauchy stress tensor in certain materials with ab initio methods. I already have the analytical form of my own definition of "energy" and "forces" (not from DFT),...
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Mathematical models for the plastic region in the tensile test

The tensile test of a material consists of subjecting a standardized specimen to an increasing axial tensile stress until it breaks. During its performance in the laboratory, we can plot a stress-...
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A viscoelastic material with nonconvex memory kernel?

The title is basically my question. Viscoelastic materials are characterized by a constitutive equation between stress and strain involving a convolution integral. This integral is weighted with a ...
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How to find Young's Modulus using stress strain curve using Python?

I am trying to find the The Young's Modulus of an aluminum alloy The yield stress Below is the data for the stress-strain curve. I tried finding the region where the slope is constant and to my ...
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How does a complete basis set remove Pulay forces/stress?

When finding nuclear forces for the true electronic wavefunction, thanks to the Hellmann-Feynman theorem we only need to consider explicit derivatives with respect to the nuclear coordinates $\mathbf{...
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