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Questions tagged [superconductivity]

For questions related to superconductivity in materials.

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Can we calculate superconducting properties of materials using first-principle?

In his book Condensed Matter in a Nutshell, the late Gerald D. Mahan wrote that The calculation of a crystal's superconducting properties is not yet possible (p. 5). The book was published in 2010. ...
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Utilizing DFT-Computed Band Structures in Solid Physics to Investigate Superconductivity: Clues and Indicators in Band Structures

How can band structures and Fermi surfaces calculated with Density Functional Theory (DFT) be effectively employed in the study of superconductivity? What are the key features or indications related ...
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BZ grid and susceptibility for numerical Pauli limit calculation

I am trying to calculate the Pauli limit for a superconducting material with Hamiltonian $H_0$ and an external magnetic field contribution $H_p$. I find the matsubara greens function as $\hat{G} = [i\...
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