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Questions tagged [temperature]

For questions about the concept of temperature in molecular or materials modeling, or about applications in which temperature plays an important role.

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Energies from single points vs. AIMD for training Machine Learning Force Fields

I am currently training a force field using machine learning techniques. One way to test the performance of the ML model is to use the force field for a production run (= molecular dynamics) and ...
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Thermal conductivity and diffusivity of diatomite (also known as diatomaceous earth or kieselguhr) [closed]

Cross-posted on Earth Science and Chemistry. Does anyone know where can I find measured thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity of diatomite for different temperatures? I'm looking for the ...
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9 votes
2 answers

Berendsen thermostat: why are the two time constants not equal?

With reference to the GROMACS manual 2023.2, the discussion of the Berendsen thermostat (p. 362) indicates that the time constant $\tau$ which governs the steepness of the relaxation toward a target ...
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Temperature damping parameter in lammps [closed]

I need help on how to set Tdamping in MD simulation. In Lammps documentation it is mentioned that the typical value is 100 for nvt, but when I put this value to my ...
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How is temperature changes implemented in a molecular dynamics simulation?

I copied my question to this community as the advice of a user on Physics SE MD simulations are always associated with a temperature that represents the natural state of a system. However, some ...
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LAMMPS: Why does the NVT fix vary in temprature step-by-step even though I am giving an initial and final temp of 1500K?

I want to perform NVT simulation to study defect dynamics in sic. I want to study dynamics at 1500K. despite of giving initial and final temperature 1500K (also damping parameter as required part of ...
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10 votes
2 answers

How to calculate temperature dependent phonon band structure in VASP

I want to calculate phonon band structure using VASP for a double perovskite $\ce{A2BB'X6}$. Most of the perovskites are well known for dynamical instability at $\pu{0K}$ but show a dynamically stable ...
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In which theoretical framework does the size of an atom depend on the temperature of the gas (Bose-Einstein condensates)

In order to pose the question, I reproduce an excerpt from this Physics.SE question, about the size of atoms in a Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC): Heisenberg's uncertainty principle in frames of ...
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Reaction rate estimation for relatively complex reactions

I am looking for a summary of your favorite methods to estimate a reaction rate constant for a “complex” polyatomic reaction (requiring a cell of ~100 atoms) from ab initio methods (the one I have in ...
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2 answers

Temperature effect on elastic constant using VASP

I want to incorporate the temperature effect on elastic constant (EC) of a system using VASP. From literature, there are two ways which can be used to get the temperature effect on EC i) ab initio ...
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Is there an upper limit of temperature after which the quasi-harmonic approximation (QHA) fails?

I can't seem to articulate what made me ask this question but it sprang up when I asked: What does it mean to say a material is 'anharmonic'?. I've heard before that the electronic entropy ...
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18 votes
2 answers

On the nature of zero-point energy (ZPE)

The harmonic approximation gives a non-zero kinetic energy at 0 K for which Heisenberg's uncertainty principle is used as an explanation. A particle at 0 K couldn't be stationary because that would ...
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12 votes
2 answers

Converting adsorption binding energy to absolute temperature

The binding interaction energy during the adsorption of system B on system A can give an idea if the interaction is favorable (negative value) or unfavorable (positive value). Also, the absolute value ...
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How to simulate atomic scattering from solid walls at finite temperature for a particles in a box simulation?

I'm not sure if this will be considered on-topic, let's see what happens. I've asked this previously in Physics SE and it was closed as needing focus. It is now past 30 days and too late to consider ...
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Does the thermal evolution of molecular structures critically affect the validity of the calculated magnetic anisotropy?

This is a particular aspect I'm interested in, from the more generic question "Does the thermal evolution of chemical structures critically affect the validity of the calculated physical properties?". ...
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