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Questions related to the tight binding method in materials science.

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Calculating the Chern number on a 2D surface of a 3D insulator

I want to calculate the Chern number of a surface of 3D time reversal insulator. I know the 3D topological insulator is characterized by the Z2 index annd that the Chern number can be used to ...
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Z2 Topological Invariant for 2D Systems

$\mathbb{Z}_2$ topological invariant is typically calculated based on the parity of occupied bands at time-reversal invariant momenta (TRIM) in the Brillouin zone. The WannierTools docs states that we ...
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Symmetries and Permutation in the Slater-Koster matrix elements

In Wikipedia there is a list of Slater-Koster matrix elements, but not all of them are listed because "matrix elements that are not listed in this table can be constructed by permutation of ...
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