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For a single unit cell calculation, is it necessary to add a vacuum?

Much of the information I find is about super-cells. What about for a single unit cell? Is it necessary to add a vacuum space?
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Compute band energies with respect to the vacuum level with QE

I want to calculate the band energies of a 2D material with respect to the vacuum level to normalize my band energies with Quantum Espresso. I found a post here, which was not really satisfying for me....
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Non-constant Vacuum potential

I relaxed Na2S2 molecule in QuantumEspresso and plotted the planar average of potential energy across z axis so as to find the Vacuum potential. This is the output I got : As you can see the vacuum ...
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Methods to determine the vacuum level in 2D compounds in the presence of dipoles

When 2D compounds have a dipole, the potential distribution becomes linear (the left panel of the figure). After considering the dipole correction, the potential has two plateau regions in the vacuum (...
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