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How to choose K point for a super cell

I have been told to use VASPKIT in order to obtain the KPOINTS, but VASPKIT only works for Primitive cell and I am currently using a super cell. The super cell has a repeated primitive cell about one ...
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4 votes
0 answers

Evaluating Absorption coefficient using VASPKIT for nanostructures

I was planning to use VASPKIT in order to determine the Linear optical properties of my nanostructure. But upon running vaspkit, I do not see an option for 0D materials but only for 2D and Bulk. Is ...
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5 votes
1 answer

The standard format and parser of VASP output files

I see a lot of post-processing tools for VASP, including ASE, VASPKIT,Pymagten and some other customized codes. They all read the VASP output files like a normal text file. Sometimes I would meet ...
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