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Questions concerning molecular and solid vibrational modes.

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Is there a software that can do derivatives with respect to user defined vibrational modes?

I'm doing some property calculations that depend on a sum of derivatives of some quantity with respect to normal vibrational modes. I was hoping to find some physical intuition relating the type of ...
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How do you calculate a full quartic force field for anharmonic frequencies?

I am an experimental chemist interested in anharmonicity—I am particularly interested in how to calculate anharmonic frequencies. The method I have the most experience with is (generalised) second ...
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How do you Select a Time Step for Molecular Dynamics Simulations?

It seems there is a general agreement among the practitioners of Molecular Dynamics that 1fs is a fairly reasonable time step, with shorter time steps being required for materials with higher ...
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2D Infrared spectroscopy for bulk systems using molecular dynamics

There are some questions and answers (1,2) on this site regarding simple infrared and vibrational density of states calculations with molecular dynamics and there any simple algorithmic descriptions ...
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Carbon Capture Research - Force Constants & Basis Sets

Greetings Matter Modeling, I'm researching carbon capture dynamics in the context of sorbent regeneration. The UN IPCC Net-Zero goal requires 75 Mt-CO₂/year captured by 2030. According to the IEA, we ...
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