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For questions about the software WIEN2k.

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Convex hull calculations with WIEN2k

How does one do the calculation of a convex hull with the WIEN2k code for the formation energy of alloys?
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How to do parity analysis of band extrema?

To check whether electronic transitions are allowed between valence band maximum (VBM) and conduction band minimum (CBM) as per Laporte's rule, the parity of VBM/CBM is needed to be known. This paper ...
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Some questions on and case.energyso in WIEN2k

In WIEN2k, the subprogram lapwso will generate both and case.energyso files. ...
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inconsistent behavior between band structure and density of states

I'm a beginner in DFT calculation. I have performed a DFT calculation on CuCoSnSe using PBE-GGA on Quantum Esspresso. When I plot the band structure and the total DOS, the band structure shows a ...
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What are some open-source all-electron DFT alternatives to Wien2K?

Since the beginning of the century, Wien2K has proven to be a very powerful player in computational condensed matter and materials physics. Wien2K is an all-electron periodic DFT code based on the ...
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How does the mBJ potential give an accurate band gap as compared to LDA and GGA?

I am not able to understand the literature on how the modified Becke-Johnson(MBJ)$^{[1]}$ potential gives an accurate bandgap. Can someone please help? Thank you. The formula for the potential can be ...
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How to make heterostructure/heterojunction structure?

How can I make a heterostructure or a heterojunction of ZnO/MgZnO for optimization with WIEN2k code?
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