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Soil Modelling: Getting accurate Thermal Conductivity values

I don't think this is something that you can model accurately in an ab initio manner, as there is no good method for predicting the thermal conductivity of amorphous materials yet, let alone materials ...
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FireWorks for Workflow management or TensorFlow

Tensorflow and FireWorks are different kinds of software. The "workflow management" features of Tensorflow are primarily designed to manage running Tensorflow itself, while FireWorks and ...
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Soil Modelling: Getting accurate Thermal Conductivity values

Our Method We have created a machine learning model for estimating the thermal conductivity of any soil, which we have made publicly available at soilconductivity.com. Our model is significantly more ...
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Spacing issues about multiple-layer bcc structure

You might be overlapping the W atoms on the unit cell. Try taking a bulk unit cell of W, creating a slab along the (001) direction with the desired thickness using the VESTA software according to the ...
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