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Soil Modelling: Getting accurate Thermal Conductivity values

I don't think this is something that you can model accurately in an ab initio manner, as there is no good method for predicting the thermal conductivity of amorphous materials yet, let alone materials ...
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Soil Modelling: Getting accurate Thermal Conductivity values

Our Method We have created a machine learning model for estimating the thermal conductivity of any soil, which we have made publicly available at soilconductivity.com. Our model is significantly more ...
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Has there been any work done on fluid dynamic or acoustic modeling of the human oral (or nasal) cavity?

The paper bellow can give you some insides. Using a Computer Tomography recording, they build a 3D model for computer simulation using FEM (Finite Element Method) and then do a 3D printing. The ...
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Molecular dynamics method to simulate a simple fluid

Based on the comment by Magic_Number and the comment by B. Kelly, and the lack of response, and the OP not signing in for the last 7 months, I'll assume that it's enough to say that this link provided ...

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