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I'll try to give you an answer and a way to proceed However, our experimental system is quite different from the conventional soft-hard structure. This system will also be a bilayer system like the conventional system. Additionally, we need to introduce the geometry as the following image (image-1.png) attached in the enclosure, where both the shaded black ...


I have found a site with a web-app interface called MuMax-view. But inorder to view the geometries, the initial shape should be created, set as the geometry and saved. Running that file results in a geom*.ovf file which could be opened in the web-app. Hope this is useful.


The web-app interface (Mumax-View) mentioned in the previous answer is fine. However, you could try to use "Muview" locally on your computer. You could find the software here. This is a very useful software to visualize the spin configuration of the geometry.


I have not used MuMax3 before, so I may be missing something, but I think you are overcomplicating things by trying to use a nested loop. It looks like you define a region in one loop and then redefine in another iteration, so its tough to reason out what values you will get. Running the equivalent of your loops in Python, I get 0 (-1.024e-06, -9.64e-07) 1 (-...

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