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problem calculating formation energy per atom using vasp

To put it simply, your code has some issues. It doesn't calculate the formation energy per atom. Basically, what you did is: ...
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Tool for plotting spin texture

In addition to what Tyler suggested, the open source ParaView can also create such plots. The learning curve is somewhat steep, but as a 3D visualization software it's very powerful and IMHO worths ...
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Tool for plotting spin texture

Cool question. I use Mayavi for volumetric plots only, but I know it can do stuff like this. However, I find it kinda hard to use and even harder to install and get working on Ubuntu 18.04/22.04. I ...
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How to identify small molecules in a structure without bonds

You can use some clustering algorithm, or a mixture model. E.g., in Julia: using Clustering This will import the Clustering.jl library. Then, a function to read ...
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