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Topological order in Weyl Semimetal

A Weyl point is a crossing of two bands. A two-band crossing can be described using the general Hamiltonian: $$ \hat{H}(\mathbf{k})=d_0(\mathbf{k})+d_1(\mathbf{k})\sigma_1+d_2(\mathbf{k})\sigma_2+d_3(\...
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Weyl Semimetal and Dirac semimetal

Here are a few thoughts: Weyl semimetal Weyl point. A Weyl point is a point at which 2 bands cross. This places severe constraints on which type of material can host Weyl points, because in materials ...
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Band structure of Weyl semimetal?

A Weyl point does indeed have linear dispersion. The effective mass tensor you are using $\frac{1}{m^*_{ij}}\propto\frac{\partial^2\varepsilon(k)}{\partial k_i \partial k_j}$ is not really well-...
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Why linear response is absent in a non-centrosymmetric system with time reversal symmetry?

You left off a key phrase from the paper. Noncentrosymmetric systems with time reversal symmetry don't have nonreciprocal linear response. Linear response on its own doesn't have this property. For ...
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VASP & Q.E - Crossing in the band structure in Weyl (nodes) and Dirac materials

The problem was really the number of points per line in KPATH.
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