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Optical proprieties with Quantum espresso

could you plz show me the scf and nscf files. Thank you
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MPI error in Quantum ESPRESSO during optimization of particularly large molecules

The comment by Pie86: "Try adding the option -ndiag 1 when running pw.x. It disables parallel diagonalization that raised similar problems in versions <= 7.1 (see
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Why are my HPC calculations not running in SLURM?

"I still didn't see an output from my calculations from the HPC." This is because your jobs had not yet started. I can see this based on the squeue ...
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Bader charge calculation in Quantum ESPRESSO DFT

As far as you have correctly obtained the charge density files, the procedure is straight forward. I will assume that you have the all-electron density and the valence electron density. If not, then ...
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Spin-orbit coupling and lattice constant

It's hard to tell without any information about the material, but it could be a feature. It is known that transition metal compounds can have an involved interplay between spin-orbit coupling and the ...
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Adsorption of Li on GeC (optimization problem)

The adsorption energy of Li or K atoms on a GeC sheet is influenced by several factors, including the electronic structure, bonding interactions, and surface reactivity of the materials involved. If ...
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How to calculate the charge density using Quantum Espresso?

In recent versions of Quantum ESPRESSO (I'm looking at 7.2), you likely already have a charge density file written. Inside your ...
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How to read UPF pseudopotential for ultrasoft pseudopotential simple in a fortran program

For now, the UPF standard is defined on Quantum ESPRESSO's website. Looks like the documentation is for an XML-like format, but it will be (or has already been, ...
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Fermi Energy in Band Structure

In electronic structure calculations of finite systems, there is a well-defined energy scale: 0 is the vacuum energy, and any electron with positive energy is unbound. For materials, the story is ...
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Recommended code to do XAS/XES/RIXS calculations with?

Adding to wzkchem5's answer, you might also consider using Quanty. The program is a many body script language based on Lua that allows you to calculate XAS, NIXS and RIXS spectra, among other things. ...
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