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Questions related to microstructures in materials modeling.

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Determine eutectic composition from iron-carbon phase diagram [closed]

I've tried calculating the percent composition of the ferrite eutectoid solid using: $$\frac{(6.67-1.09)}{(6.67-0)}=83.7\%$$ but the answer key says it should be $35.8\%$. What am I doing wrong?
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Linear combination of homogenized composite material [closed]

My research is on the structural optimization of fibre-reinforced composite material (transversely isotropic material). I am currently working on a homogenization method for attaining the effective ...
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What kind of information can be extracted from alloy microstructure images converted to Fourier space?

I have some alloy microstructure images, showing elongated grains (darker colours) and the grain boundaries (lighter colours). If I take the Fourier transform of the image, there are directional bands ...
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