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Perovskites Solar design using COMSOL [closed]

I am looking at simulating solar cells using COMSOL software. Majorly speaking we are working on A2BX6 perovskites where we plan to simulate solar cells for different doped versions of the perovskite. ...
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Has DFT helped in development of better solar materials?

I would like to pursue a Masters degree in Materials Science and more focused towards solar materials to make it more efficient and reducing the energy payback time. I had taken this course and was ...
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What has caused this apparent stagnancy, in the development of more efficient solar cells?

The NREL solar cell efficiency chart tracks the efficiency of research-level photovoltaics since 1976, and the most up-to-date version is presented below (it was updated in April 2020). 3-J (3-...
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Has materials modeling made any specific contribution to the success of perovskite solar cells, or has it only been experimental?

I was wondering if all the recent success of perovskite solar cells was accomplished purely experimentally or if there was some materials modeling aspect in it.
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