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Average value of lattice parameters from cell trajectory

This python code should work. It will print the average lattice parameters from the file Si.cel. ...
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How to use ASE to combine several MD trajectories into 1 trajectory

You can combine trajectories simply by: ...
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Relation between force constant of the bonded parameters, time constant and the dynamics of the system

This question is quite broad and I can only give you some examples from the literature. If you want an example of how different treatment of force constants can affect system properties, you can have ...
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How to calculate height of the center of the H2 molecule from surface via ASE?

Here is simple template which print Z-distance between centre of $\ce{H_2}$ molecule and nearest $\ce{Pt}$ atom. Feel free to edit and plot. ...
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Check for steric clashes before doing minimization

Using Tcl scripting in VMD noh and exwithin 0.5 of noh exwithin is basically the within ...
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